terça-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2008

Kika's Treats

By far the BEST on earth! If you have the opportunity, try the dark chocolate covered graham cracker - you WON'T forget!!!...

read what people are talking about it:

Juliane N. - San Francisco, CA
5 star rating

Caramelized Graham Cracker!!!!!!!!
I've been dying to try these out for the longest time.. They are pretty expensive for a bag.. $7.00? with about 6 in each bag @ Blue Fog Market.. I got it as a gift from someone (thanks DORK!) and I was extremely happy! I would buy it even if it was $10.00 now. I let my co-workers try it and it looked like they just went to heaven!

Right when you open the bag, you can smell the caramel and chocolate. Once you take one bite, you won't want to eat any other chocolate graham cracker.

Jennifer B. - San Francisco, CA
5 star rating

The Kika's Treats elves are also my neighbors! Jeeeaaalousss??

I have to tell you these treats are so amazing I'm buying up a whole lot of them (retail) and sending them out to east coast family. Using the absolute best ingredients--organic chocolate and strauss dairy..hellooo! GET SOME!!

Eriqua P. - Oakland, CA

5 star rating

Oh my God.

As an impulse buy at Rainbow Grocery last night I looked at these rectangles covered in dark chocolate. The flavour that made me buy? "Espresso Chocolate Cardamom".

Last night was chilly and I wanted to relax with tea and cookies (and watching Aliens in America online).

I made my tea and opened the package. The scent was amazing. I then took a nibble and lost consciousness...

The espresso-dark chocolate combination are one thing, but then to have the cardamom hit afterward is another thing altogether.

THESE are amazing. Decadent, but amazing. I am rationing the remaining 4 cookies for emergency purposes only!

7/9 ingredients are organic!

Laure l. - Pacifica, CA

5 star rating

Who makes Kika's Treats? The dark chocolate shortbread and the dark chocolate caramel honey graham are just so dark and addictive that it's almost criminal. I got the 5 remaining packets of graham crackers at Rainbow Grocery and everybody there from the aisles' staff to the cashier seemed to agree with me. Kika's Treats are wickedly delicious. At last some decent tea cookies with chocolate topping that doesn't melt right away and keeps its freshness

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